Stabbing victim says assailants are still threatening him

POSTED: 10/19/12 11:51 AM

St. Maarten – Sixty-eight year old produce vendor Robert Heligar, who was stabbed by two young men near his stall on Cannegieter Street, is crying foul over what he calls the absence of justice in his case. Heligar had to be hospitalized for 5 days, four of which were spent on the French side since he lives in Colombier after an alleged unwarranted attack at the hands of the youngsters on September 12.
Heligar said that although he has given repeated statements to the police about the incident which his wife and other people in the area witnessed, no progress has been made in his case, even after a concrete description of his assailants.
On Thursday, he visited the Public Prosecutors Officer to lodge a complaint claiming that his assailants have now made his wife a target, frequenting the vicinity of his produce stall on a daily basis in spite of reports to the police.
“I went to the prosecutor’s office and she said that she would not take any statement and she cannot hear me now until the last Thursday in the month. I am a St. Maarten citizen it is not right. This is provocation case. It is a critical situation, you don’t know what could happen,” the man said.
“From September 13 every day they have been coming there every day and my wife is scared. They pass at the back of the Chinese and they come through there. They come on bikes or cars and watch her. Every single day, this is more than a month now and no police coming to hold them. Everybody says they know them, they have family in the force but nothing is being done for us. How can my wife continue to endure this?”
Heligar said that since his release from hospital, he has been home nursing his wounds, so he not out on Cannegieter Street to work along with his wife like he used to. He was stabbed in his side and a piece of the blade of the knife used, broke in him. The blade pierced a muscle which becomes quite painful when Heligar drives his produce van. He explained that after visiting the Philipsburg police station on four occasions, he had given up and plans to close the business.
“Last week Thursday, the guys were right there near Double Decker. My wife called the police. They came and stand by so that she closed to get out of harm’s way. These guys were standing right there and walking around with their hands in the pockets like they were going to pull something. The police told my wife that they cannot arrest them because they have no warrant. The police are not doing anything; these guys are so easy to catch. They dress in red t-shirts and red handkerchief around both arms and baggy pants. I am sick of going to the detective department.”
While he has taken the decision to close his business, Heligar says he plans to use every medium available to publicize his plight. He however applauded the efforts of two police bike patrol officers who often visit his stall to check on his wife.
Last month’s stabbing incident drew many questions as to why the business man would be so violently attacked. He maintains that he had no previous history with his assailants. Today reported on the incident in its September 13 edition, where Heligar’s wife, Silvia gave a statement of what occurred. Other people in the area corroborated her statement.
Silvia, recounted that around 5: 00 pm, two young men on bicycles rode up near the stall where she stood. Heligar who was in his Ford Explorer vehicle at the time asked them why they had ridden so close to the stall.
“He told them it is private property and I said to him, Robbie don’t say anything to those young people. Young people these days don’t have any respect and look for problems,” Silvia recounted.
She stated the boys then left, but returned 25 minutes later while her husband sat in his vehicle trying to sort out some CDs.
“They just rushed at him and started to stab him. One of them try to pull the knife out of his side to stab him again, but half of the knife broke in him. He fell to the ground and they started throwing stones and bottles at him, then they just went away. We never had a problem with them before, they never asked for any money or anything, they just attacked my husband,” a sobbing Silvia said.
On Thursday, Heligar revealed that he may be able to see some method to the madness.
“There was a Spanish lady that came there and told me that she needs the spot that I doing the business at. She also said that she wanted to buy the van and told her I would consider. It was that day that those boys started coming around there. It’s like they are doing everything to get us to move. I may be wrong but it seems more than just a coincidence. My life has never been the same since that day,” Heligar said.

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