St. Peters resident seeks justice

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St. Maarten – Fifty two year old St. Peters resident Glenville Timothy Riley plans to take his case to the prosecutor’s office today with what he calls solid evidence to substantiate his claim that he was physically assaulted by a Sheriff Security Force patrol officer.
The incident is said to have occurred on May 1 but five months have passed and he had to undergo an emergency surgery for a fractured jawbone, Riley is alleging that he is yet to receive justice for what he called a cowardly act.
The father of 12 children regularly does odd jobs and assists customers at the Star Mart service station on Bush Road. Based on what he related, he was at the service station on May 1 during which time he saw the kite over the skyline at the Cul-de-Sac cemetery. The kite burst and Riley ran to retrieve a section of the twine which he rolled up and placed in a corner near the service station.
He was later accosted by the off-duty security patrol officer who demanded the return of the twine since the kite belonged to him.
“I told him that I put the twine in the corner and he kept harassing me. Then he grabbed my phone and my pocket book with money and went away. I went behind him on my bicycle and I saw him turn Cake House Road near the cricket field where he was talking to another guy.”
Riley recounted how he was the other young man who later returned his Nokia cellular phone and wallet to him, as he was asked to do by the off-duty security officer. But Riley claims that when he received the items, his phone was devoid of its battery and sim card.
“He came back at the gas station in the night in his uniform with a gas bond to tank up a vehicle. I ask him for my battery and sim card and he keep ignoring me. I was putting gas in his vehicle and I just shut off the gas. Inside of Star Mart I keep asking him for my stuff and when I turned around to go outside he punched straight in the jaw.”
Riley says that he went home dazed and started acting out his rage as a result of the pain he was feeling. His reputed wife called the Police because of his behavior and they forcibly took him to the Philipsburg Police Station. By the time he reached the station, the officers realized that his case required immediate medical attention and an ambulance was summoned to transport him to the St.Maarten Medical Centre (SMMC)
He stayed at the facility until Friday May 4 when he was flown out for emergency surgery on his jaw. According to a medical report Riley obtained from Centro de Diagnostico Medicina Avanzada Laboratorio y Telemedicina (CEDIMAT) in the Dominican Republic, doctors there stated that, “There was swelling on the right side of the mandible which was painful upon palpitation. This is the case of a fifty two year old male with no past medical history who was referred from SMMC after sustaining face trauma. X-ray was performed finding a fracture on the right side of the body of the mandible. He was referred to our center for surgical management. He was taken to the operating room where an open reduction with two plaque and eight screws were placed fixing the two portion of the fracture. Four roots (teeth) were extracted in the surgery.”
Although the man gave a statement to Police and was visited by detectives while in hospital, he said that nothing came out of the incident because he was told that there are no witnesses to corroborate his story. Everyone sees him as a troublemaker who deserved what he got. Riley is now contemplating dealing with matters in his own way, if his final appeal for attention and justice through the prosecutor’s office fails.
“I always seeing him around and wickedness come inside of me to just do him something because I am not getting any justice. If I can’t get justice I know something will happen. I don’t want anything to happen so before it does I think I will leave the island. I don’t want to take the law in my hands to hurt myself and hurt my children,” Riley said.
He also claims that since his release from the hospital and return to the island on May 8, he has visited the Sheriff Security Force headquarters of his alleged assailant to seek an audience with his employers but to no avail. He remarked that once weekly he visited the Coralita Street location and left messages, a total of 18 times but is yet to receive a response.
Today Newspaper spoke with the security patrol officer in question who does not deny getting into an altercation with Riley but said that Riley’s behavior was threatening and he assumed that he was about to attack him with a knife, so he delivered an offensive blow and hit him. The officer claims that it was because Riley reeled back and hit his face on the glass door of the Star Mart that he sustained injuries to his jaw bone and not the force of the blow. He added that he has been very cooperative with the Police thus far and has no idea about the cellular phone battery and sim card that Riley claims he stole. Riley, he claims is also a well-known public nuisance in the area that regularly threatens and harasses people. He plans to release a full public statement soon.
“This is affecting my mind. This is the second time that people hit me and the police do nothing. A man hit me with a bottle to my throat and I had to get 11 stitches. When I do what I have to do I hope they can accept it the same way I had to accept this injury,” Riley said.

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