St. Martin’s President Alain Richardson to submit modernization plan

POSTED: 04/5/12 12:56 PM

MARIGOT, St. Martin – The President of the Collectivite Alain Richardson has announced a strategic plan for the modernization of the territorial administration. The newly elected believes the current requirements of the political, economic and social development in the world require that the various public administrations in the world to become more proactive and is calling for the territorial council to adopt the plan when it is presented in the months to come.

“Such a plan is to promote an administration that is able to produce goods and high quality services likely to contribute to sustainable development,” Richardson said.

The execution of this strategic plan is expected to improve the effectiveness and the quality of the services in the administration. This will mean the valorization and reinforcement of the capacities of the human resources in order to predispose them for a better appropriation of the public policies for their successful implementation.

“It will also afford the promotion of accessibility and transparency in the public administration for a great availability of the civil servants and also the promotion of electronic administration equipped with computers and the reinforcement of the capacities of the civil servants as regards communication and information technology (ICT). This will further assist a proper management of the civil servants careers and the rationalization and optimization of administrative structures and procedures,” Richardson said.

Later he’d add, “The strategic plan is also about building a true administration of development that is effective, and with the spirit of civil service and the principle of accountability at all the levels. This plan will enhance the administration that will be ready to ensure a technical accompaniment which corresponds to the aspirations of the whole population.”

Rigorous management of public funds

Richardson called it unacceptable for the Collectivité to live above its means since deficits and the debts endanger the future and more so for the future generations.

“The re-establishing of lasting financial health of our community is an obligation and as a result we are committed to a true rigorous management policy and budget control. The mobilization of all energies for an optimization of public spending, the optimization of the result of the tax system by a widening of the number of contributors but also in the accurate fight against tax evasion and tax fraud,” he said.

Richardson concluded, “By improving the means for the collection of taxes, duties, it will require a regular control of the execution and the respect of the engagement of all working for the community.”

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