St. Martin has youthful population

POSTED: 12/28/11 12:18 PM

MARIGOT, St. Martin – The latest information from the Information Desk on French Overseas Territories reveals that nearly 93 percent of the population on St. Martin is under 60 years old. The data also shows that immigrants from the Haiti are the largest foreign population resident in St. Martin (47 percent of all foreigners).

The data being put forward is based on figures from 2008 that puts the population at 36, 661, signaling an annual average growth of 2.9 percent for the period 1999 to 2008. This trend is similar to St. Maarten which had a population of 40, 000 in 2008.
High natural growth is the reason the population stayed young with specific figures showing the 37.2 percent of the population was under 20 years old, 57.4 percent of the population is between 20 and 59 and 7.4 percent is 60 or older.
The recent figures also show that a strengthening of the immigration laws has led to a fall in the amount of foreigners taking up residence in St. Martin. In 1990 53 percent of the population was migrants but this has fallen to 36 percent in 2008. Nearly 75 percent of the migrants are from the Caribbean.

The 2008 numbers also reveal that St. Martin has a population density of 678 inhabitants per square kilometer. This is higher than the 248 inhabitants per square kilometer in Guadeloupe and 402 inhabitants per square kilometer in St. Barths.
The established birth rate in 2008 was 26.3 and the mortality rate was 3.1 percent.

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