St. Martin Collectivité gets millions from France

POSTED: 10/1/12 12:00 PM

MARIGOT—The Collectivité of St. Martin has received a financial injection from the French Government of €18 million. President Alain Richardson said that prior to his departure to Paris there was about €100,000 in the government’s coffers which “could not meet the payroll obligation or the compulsory expenses for September.”

“Following the meeting with the services and the meeting with the Minister of the Overseas Departments, I was reassured that the document was signed for this financial injection,” Richardson said. On his return to the island he was made aware that the first €18 million was deposited.

Richardson noted that the financial injection was a positive aspect of the meeting with the Minister of Overseas Departments and the services. He said that the Collectivité took several measures in May to alleviate the financial situation but that there is also need for the state services to be more pro-active in the collection of taxes.

Richardson discussed compensation to the tune of €5 million for work the Collectivité did for the State during his visit to France. “This is a burning issue that needs to be resolved; I keep bringing it up because this could help us to get out of the predicament we are in.”

“The Minister of Overseas Departments knows our financial situation since he was responsible for the Region of Guadeloupe. He understands that it is not normal that that we pay for a service and the State is not guaranteeing the relevant funding for the work.  I also discussed the price of gasoline and other petroleum products.”

Two committees from France will deal with the pricing of the fuel and collecting taxes from the State services. This will bring in revenues ranging from €500,000 to $1 million per month.

The Minister of Overseas Departments is planning to visit the Collectivité this month or in November.

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