St. Maarten’s Social safety net under review

POSTED: 09/15/11 12:08 PM

GREAT BAY – The Government of St. Maarten is to spend time reviewing the pension system this year as part of a wider effort to review and revamp its social security system. This effort will run alongside efforts to finalize and introduce a national health insurance system and a review and revision of the social financial aid system.

The broad vision for social security focuses on ensuring that the system is sustainable, promotes solidarity and is affordable. The vision also calls for the services to be more accessible, transparent and fair.
“These social safety nets need to be accessible to those who do not have other resources or means. More emphasis will be on the prevention of poverty; self-empowerment and the importance of individual and social responsibility in society,” Governor Eugene Holiday said when he delivered his State of the Nation address.
Next to the planned pension and health insurance reforms the government also wants to create additional measures for collective health care and prevention. Those include continuing programs for the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Achieving a strong social system is linked to achieving a “measurable reduction in poverty” through cooperation across ministries and collaboration with non-governmental organizations. The crafting of this system will give special attention to the empowerment of women by combating domestic violence and addressing subtle forms of inequality and discrimination in areas such as wages and governmental representation.
Government will also seek to create a new financing agency for social programs, as a successor for Reda Sosial.

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St. Maarten's Social safety net under review by

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  1. Neville de Weever LaBega says:

    The Government must stop studying, it must stop trying and it must stop hoping and start governing!

    Our Government has fantastic intentions. We do not need intentions, we need action. It would seem that the main goal of the Government of Saint Martin is to reinvent the wheel! This nonsense must stop and if it does not, we the people will simply have to put a stop to it. There are democatic ways and means of putting the necessary pressure on government and on parliament members!
    If our government does not stop studying and start acting I think we the people will have to start acting!!!