St. Maarten’s Port ready to invest in new crane technology

POSTED: 02/4/14 12:41 PM

GREAT BAY – The St. Maarten Harbor Crane Company will invest in new crane technology to continue to offer highly efficient cargo operations at the port, St. Maarten Harbor Group of Companies CEO Mark Mingo stated from Dusseldorf, Germany.

“The cargo facilities at our national port need new efficient cranes that can continue to meet our high operational demands, while at the same time looking at the long-term by able to service the larger vessels. I want to be ahead of the competition,” Mingo said yesterday.

Crane 1 at the cargo facilities of the Port of St. Marten was purchased in 2001, or 13-years ago. The cargo port currently uses the older model – 260 – which is less fuel efficient, handles less load capacity and is relatively more expensive to maintain.

The Harbor Group of Companies has been upgrading its facilities to offer the best services to cargo lines and clients who use the cargo terminal on a daily basis.  Close to 100 per cent of the country’s produce and products comes through the cargo section at the port.

Maintenance dredging is done on a regular basis in order to keep the water depth at a safe level for cargo vessels. Additional crane operators have been hired to meet the cargo sectors growth spurts while there has been an increase in mechanical and electrical support that would enhance safe operations.

“Having a professional team at the cargo operations is necessary when you cater to these international vessels. We have increased crane operators from three to six.  They are all locals, well trained and highly motivated: Ramses Flanders, Romeo Gumbs, Jerry Nicholson, Andy Daflaar, Erick Evertsz, and Michael Edwards,” Mingo said.

Mingo visited a factory of crane manufacturer Gottwald to look at new crane models and to find out what new innovative technologies exist.  The cargo port would like to improve performance.

Mingo said that he was very excited after receiving a presentation about the efficiencies of the new crane.  The crane is also a hybrid whereby it can also work on electricity allowing for late night operations because it is so silent to operate.

“The new crane model that we are looking at is also environmentally sound which falls into our philosophy as a port with respect to green thinking and being innovative by using green technology in order to have a sustainable port.  The crane uses hybrid technology that reduces the level of energy, cuts or avoids completely exhaust gas emissions and minimizes noise emissions,” Mingo said.

The Gottwald Model 6 crane is more advanced than the current models in use at the Port of St. Maarten.  Model 6 also offers larger lifting capacities; maximum hoisting speeds; maximum radius speeds; has more reach and is more efficient resulting in a saving in operational costs for the port.

Gottwald is the market leader in mobile harbor cranes with over 1400 machines in more than 100 countries around the world.

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