St. Maarten Youngsters complete social skills workshop

POSTED: 06/3/11 7:14 PM

St. Maarten – A group of 36 young people completed a Youth Development Program social skills workshop at the TDC Training Center and on Wednesday afternoon they came together to receive their certificates. The training started in January and concluded at the end of May.
The youngsters took part in the course because they want to change their lives and because they want to better themselves. One student, who excelled in public speaking, earned a spot in a trainer course that starts in September. UTS donated the course – worth more than 1,800 guilders – to the successful student. Other participants received special honors for near perfect attendance.
Trainer David McGregor commended the participants for completing the course. “One of the things you wanted is respect,” he told the youngsters. “We taught you how to sell yourself, how to change your life, and how to make plans.”
The students also talked about issues like bulling and how to deal with it. “I am really proud of you all,” McGregor said. “You have all done your exams and you all passed. I am impressed that you stuck it out. Now you will all move on to job training. There you have to do what you learned here: be the best you can be. Remember when you go out there that employers don’t owe you anything.”
McGregor said that the participants wrote the questions for their exams themselves. This was not to make the exams easier, but to give the participants confidence and to make them rethink what they had learned in the course.
McGregor said that TDC will most likely offer a similar course to a new group of youngsters after the summer/. Acting UTC chief Operating Officer Christina Sprott was at hand to give the youngsters their certificates and to send them on their way with some well-meant words of encouragement.

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