St. Maarten unanimously accepted to International Ombudsman Institution

POSTED: 11/25/11 12:34 PM

GREAT BAY – The Board of Directors of the International Ombudsman Institution (I.O.I.) has unanimously approved the Ombudsman Institution of St. Maarten’s application for membership. The vote was done at a meeting in Zambia and follows talks between Secretary General of the International Ombudsman Institute Dr. Peter Kostelka and St. Maarten’s Ombudsman Dr. Nilda Arduin. The first discussed the issue at the International Ombudsman Institution conference that was held in Vienna from June 4 to June 9.

St. Maarten’s Ombudsman is being admitted at the same time as Jordan, the British Virgin Islands, Síndica de Greuges de Barcelona, Spain, the Procurador del Común de Castilla y León, Spain and the Ombudsman of the German-speaking Community in Belgium.  St. Maarten and the British Virgin Islands form part of the Caribbean and Latin American Region and the latter three organizations are joining the European Region. Comprehensive contact information of the new members is available on the International Ombudsman Institution’s website.

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St. Maarten unanimously accepted to International Ombudsman Institution by

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