St. Maarten Teachers want clarity on salaries and hours

POSTED: 11/30/11 7:23 AM

Union to request additional day off
St. Maarten – President of the Windward Islands Teachers Union Claire Elshot wants to table concerns from teachers at the M. Genevieve de Weever School when she meets Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Rhoda Arrindell today. The teachers informed the union in a recent meeting that they had questions about how much salary they were getting, the standard rules on compulsory education, the Foundation Based Education training program and the policy of leave of absence with pay for teachers.
The concern around the salaries and working hours relates to the fact that teachers have to work for 130 hours, but their salaries do not align with that amount of work. The concern with the Foundation Based Education training program centers on dissatisfaction with the ratings they received after a number of workshops and the fact that the principles they are being taught do not enhance their ability to do their jobs.
Public Education is also a concern for the union as corrections need to be made in the rights and privileges of the teachers.
“We will look for a forum to address these issues. There are also the matter of services that have to be rendered with regard to the students and how to enhance and make the work of the teachers more respectable,” Elshot said.
Elshot also wants to discuss a request for schools to remain closed on Friday, December 16. The request is based on the fact that Thursday December 15 is Kingdom Day – an official public holiday – and schools will be closed that day.

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St. Maarten Teachers want clarity on salaries and hours by

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