St. Maarten Tax administration updating individual and company records

POSTED: 01/31/12 12:40 PM

Assessments also being issued

GREAT BAY – The St. Maarten tax department and the tax receiver’s office are working together to update the available information on individuals and businesses as part the tax reform program being undertaken in 2012 and 2013. The update is a critical part of attempting to collect the taxes that are due each year from all taxpayers.
The process of updating data will take place throughout 2012 and will continue into the early part of 2013. A number of people and businesses will be approached via a letter from the tax inspectorate with a request to confirm the information on their business details and their taxable status. The information letters will be sent to individuals and to businesses operating under a business name that is not known yet at the tax administration and which has no crib number attached to it. The information letter contains a reply form that can be used if businesses need to update their data. Taxpayers can easily indicate any omissions on the reply form they receive. The tax administration will then amend or remove the current information in the tax administration’s systems.

The tax administration has also been trying to identify those individuals and businesses seriously behind in their payment of taxes. The letters therefore will also contain tax assessments for a reasonable estimated taxable amount for the year 2006. The answer form can serve as a protest letter where the taxpayer can indicate if he/she protests the assessment and provide the reasons why it is protested. Protest letters should be submitted by 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday February 29 2012. If the protest is justified then the tax administration will swiftly revoke the assessments and update their files in this respect. Once the data is updated, assessments for the years following 2006 will be issued where relevant.
“The St. Maarten ministry of finance and the tax administration believe that the process of gathering and updating information is vital to a properly functioning country tax system. If everyone pays the taxes they owe it also helps to keep taxes down for the majority of compliant taxpayers,” a release stated.

There is a dedicated project team at the tax administration building to answer questions on the information letter. They can be reached at 526-8127.
Individuals and businesses currently not registered for tax purposes which does not receive a letter should also make themselves known at the tax administration by 6:00 p.m. on Saturday March 31, 2012 and apply for a crib number so that they can be included correctly in the tax administration’s records and can settle their tax affairs appropriately going forward.

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St. Maarten Tax administration updating individual and company records by

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