St. Maarten takes overall win at 2011 Science Fair

POSTED: 04/4/11 12:05 PM

St. Maarten – The St. Maarten Academy was declared the overall winner of the 17th Annual National Science Fair at the Belair Community Center on Saturday evening. The school won seven of the eight categories and also copped a special award for the Power and Wave Energy project which was done by Louisa Jean-Baptiste and Angela Brown.

The other projects that won prizes were Simpson Bay Water Pollution Management that was presented by Astra White and Manaar Mohammed; How to improve tourism on St. Maarten by Duaa Azbouni; Aerophonis Hydroponics Agricultural Farming by Rodney Jones and Resham Nihalani; Soil Erosion, Storm Water Drainage & Flood Management by Avaloy Heron and Akesha Flanders; Trash to Gas Biomass Energy at your service by Ria Khudan and Stephen Sadler.

“The students did their research over a three and a half month period focused on what the island needed and then produced the projects that they thought would benefit St. Maarten at this stage and in the future,” Laboratory Manager and Science Fair Coordinator Claude Javier said.

He believes the students delivered projects in areas that touched key issues that the government needs to address.

Each student that presented their projects did surveys in the community and interviewed people within government. They then used the information to create solutions. The project on improving tourism followed a theme park concept and they project that Mullet Bay would be the perfect area.  They looked at the general area with the hotels and the Princess Juliana International Airport, which is situated nearby. That proximity makes it ideal to attract more tourists to the island and generate the necessary funds needed for the island. If this is built in that area it will be the first park of this type in the Caribbean making St. Maarten another first.

The students felt also that there is a need to improve the social fabric of the communities on St. Maarten since there was a need for “a more family oriented place” where they can go to relax. They also made a comparison of other theme parks and scaled theirs down so that it could fit into St. Maarten. The projected cost is roughly 50 million which the group proposed be pulled together through a public/private sector partnership.

“The students believe that this will be an investors dream,” Javier said.

The other schools that participated in the Science Fair and won prizes were Leaning Unlimited Preparatory school, Milton Peters College and the Caribbean International Academy.


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