St. Maarten School bus stabber: a member of HRN Gang

POSTED: 02/13/12 2:54 PM

St. Maarten – Just what exactly triggered fifteen year old Sundial School student K. R to stab three of his colleagues on a school bus on Monday is yet to be determined. But Today Newspaper has learnt that the young man’s involvement in the ‘Highly Respected Niggas’ (HRN) gang changed his life drastically.

The second form student was described as a model student when he started secondary school two years ago. He never displayed anger, resentment for authority nor lack of interest in his studies, an official at the school said. But when he joined the HRN gang all that changed.

“He ended up in the wrong group and started smoking weed. You would know when he was high but his grades never dropped,” an anonymous source at the school said.

R’s delinquent behavior was observed on a field trip in the Guana Bay area when the young man took out a joint of marijuana and began smoking it in the presence of his teacher. He was reprimanded and suspended for three days in November, after which he was asked to bring his mother to the school before being allowed to resume classes. During that parent-teacher meeting, R., in a violent rage, repeatedly hit his mother in the face for rebuking him about his conduct. The mother, a security supervisor at the Princess Juliana International Airport, insisted that he be treated for the behavior and had to be convinced by the boy’s father who lives in Miami to continue housing him.

The former Martin Luther King Primary School student was allowed to re-enter Sundial after a brief stint at a drug rehabilitation centre.

“One of the reasons why they tried to get him back in school was because his grades were good but from the time he came back to school in January, he and his gang started getting into fights.”

The source said that the HRN gang is well known throughout the school with members in the institution and outside.

“If one person doesn’t want to get in your crew then they terrorize you. They are not here alone,” students reported.

On Thursday six students that are a part of HRN gang were sent home on three days suspension after attacking a female student.

“Bullyism is a major thing at the Sundial School. We have five to six fights daily and I have seen the security trying their best to handle the situation but the children are just wild and out of control,” our source revealed.

Two days after resuming classes, R. started skipping school. He was also caught with electronic gadgets that are banned at the institution on numerous occasions. The sources also reveal that R.’s tirade on the school bus was not the first of such incidents. On Friday, February 3, he attacked two female Milton Peters College students on a school bus. The fight stemmed from a previous confrontation that the girls had with the young man’s friends.

R. may have felt the need to protect himself on Monday morning when he boarded the school bus with a black handle stainless steel kitchen knife in his possession. The knife’s blade measured approximately twelve inches long and was wrestled from R’s grip after he repeatedly stabbed two students and inflicted wounds to the hands of a third. Eyewitnesses recounted the incident,

“The school bus pulled up and the driver could be heard shouting: I don’t want no fighting in this bus. A local security K-9 unit pulled up behind the bus and the workers ran into the bus to assist the driver. Before they could get the knife away the damage was already done and all the boy would say was: ‘Please don’t give my knife to the police’.”

R. was sent to live with his father’s relatives in Retreat Estate earlier this year after his mother could no longer handle his fits of rage. He revealed to students that he would regularly hide the knife outside his Apricot Road home, so that his guardians would not notice it. During that time, he was always mannerly and listened obediently to instructions. On that fateful day it took more than four people to control R. as he struggled violently on the school bus.

Our source explained that drug tests are administered regularly at the school whenever a student is subjected of drug use.

“We have a social worker who deals with these things when they happen, but we need to see parents more.”

R. was described as a regular ‘Casanova’ having multiple relationships in the school.

“His mother was always proud to say that she bought his condoms and allowed girls to visit the home,” the source alleged.


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