St. Maarten records fifteenth murder of the year

POSTED: 10/16/11 11:36 PM

St. Maarten – With a deadly shooting near the Seaman’s Club in Sucker Garden yesterday morning, the number of murders for the year jumped to fifteen. Chief Prosecutor mr. Hans Mos confirmed that Michael Grainville, whose body was found on the Amazone Drive in Maho Reef on Sunday morning, is also the victim of a crime. The identity of yesterday morning’s murder is Marlon F. Seberon, a 37-year-old from Curacao.
Seberon was shot in his forehead as he was leaving his house to take his girlfriend Altia James to work. Reportedly two men arrived on a scooter, and one of them fired shots at the victim. The prosecutor’s office declined to comment on the attackers or their means of transport.
Seberon was seriously injured and he was taken in critical condition to the St. Maarten Medical Center where he passed away shortly afterwards.
The Chief Prosecutor said that Seberon’s murder is the fifteenth of the year. In some statistics, an incident that cost a man named Anselm his life in April is also counted as murder, but Mos dismissed this. “That is a case of self defense and the man who caused Anselm’s death will not even be prosecuted.”
The police said in a statement that an autopsy revealed that Michael Grainville was shot in the chest and that this case is now also classified as a homicide. The police report stated that the killers fled in Grainville’s car and that the vehicle has not been found yet. In the vicinity of the murder scene police found a seemingly brand new rental car that was missing two wheels.
Initially the police reported that Grainville had died of unknown causes but that there were no signs of foul play. However, the pathologist discovered a very small wound in the center of the victim’s chest; later he located a small caliber bullet in the body.

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