St. Maarten Prime Minister: “Don’t get caught up in sensationalism”

POSTED: 03/11/13 12:26 AM

St. Maarten – Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams issued a press statement this weekend “in connection with current investigations and the National Security Service.” It does not mention the name of independent MP Patrick Illidge, or the bribes he apparently took from Bada Bing owner Jaap van den Heuvel.
Instead, there is an expose about the way the National Security Service operates and the way it works together with other agencies. “Notions that the National Security Service of St. Maarten may not have acted in the interest of this country are refutable and threaten the very fabric of our young democracy,” Wescot-Williams stated.

The PM does not address the issue at hand – the alleged bribery by a Member of Parliament, but instead focuses on the messengers: “We can’t prevent public sensationalism, yet as a country it would be good for all of us and our island to allow matters to be solved by those who are called in accordance with the laws of the land, and are the ones to investigate and establish the facts.”

Furthermore, the press statements reads: “Until then, I ask especially the people of St. Maarten to not get caught up in the same sensationalism I referred to earlier and especially that which is damaging to our country.”
Wescot-Williams also stated that the call on the guarantee function in the Kingdom charter is uncalled for. “There is absolutely not a situation where any of the agencies are non-functional.”
For the full text of the Prime Minister’s statement, see page 3.

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St. Maarten Prime Minister: “Don’t get caught up in sensationalism” by

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