St. Maarten Postal company transfer is not easy delivery

POSTED: 11/25/10 11:34 PM

St. Maarten – Even though a new postal company has been set up the management of New Post Netherlands Antilles has not ceded control. The five day caretaker Executive Council created St. Maarten Postal Services N.V. (SMPS) to take over the shares, but the company’s three member Supervisory Board has told Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams “things are not going smoothly.”
Hubert Pantophlet who chair’s SMPS’ Supervisory Board of Directors confirmed on Wednesday that there is still much to be done in order to secure the company’s transfer.
“We are presently negotiating some key issues and there are still quite a few loose strings,” Pantophlet said
Among the “loose strings” still to be handled is the granting of the company’s concession. While the five day, caretaker Executive Council established the new company and named Denicio Richardson its interim Managing Director, the government has yet to give the company a concession, which is required for it to do business.
Finalizing a concession would give the company a stronger position in negotiations with the New Post Netherlands Antilles (NPNA), which still holds the ownership of the Post Office. One key point being negotiated is the transfer of the staff. Pantophlet would not go into details, but said it gave impetus to the board’s efforts to finalize matters as soon as possible.
“This really should have been done before 10-10-10 so we could have had a smooth transition, but a lot of things were not prepared. The intention was for a Service Level Agreement (S.L.A) to be signed with Curacao but that has not happened. Right now we need to finish up certain things and we hope that in time, things will come together,” Pantophlet said.

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