St Maarten police poised to take top title

POSTED: 10/12/12 1:24 PM

St. Maarten – After ten days of competition with police forces from Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Holland, Suriname the Coast Guard and the host team St Maarten, the latter has dominated so far and there are still three more competitions to go.

After taking the third spot in the shooting competition that was dominated by Aruba to start off the week, Curacao took top honors in volleyball and St Maarten moved up one notch in the rankings. However, they were able to rebound and win the softball finals when they defeated Curacao by 25 to 9, a game that was witnessed by a capacity crowd at the John Cooper/Jose Lake Sr Ballpark last Saturday.

In the domino competition, St Maarten who was also a long way from home defeated the Coast Guard by 9-2 in the finals that took place in Anguilla. In the Pools competition which took place at Pine Apple Pete, St Maarten maintained its consistency and defeated the Coast Guard in the finals.

In the Futsal competition at the LB Scot Sports Auditorium, St Maarten defeated Curacao, they had literally put the icing on the cake and after facing Suriname in the final game, they were awarded the champions title based on points and Curacao was the runner up team.

Up to late last evening, St Maarten was ahead of Aruba on points at half time in the first basketball game on the program. The events yet to be completed are go kart racing which will take place on the French side of the island today and the highly anticipated song festival where participants from Aruba, Curacao, Suriname, the Coast Guard and St Maarten will vie for the top spots. Bonaire and Holland will not be represented in this festival, they have already left the island.


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