St. Maarten Police open new “Back Office”

POSTED: 09/22/11 2:12 PM

St. Maarten – The “Back Office” at the Immigration Department at the Princess Juliana International Airport was officially opened on Wednesday morning. The decision to establish the office, where officers will inspect suspicious travel documents and do the initial questioning of the holders of false documents, was taken after a recent presentation to the police’s management team.
The new office came about because of collaboration between the local police force and the Royal Dutch Marachausees. The two agencies formed a work group to set up an office that meets international standards.
The officers that work in the back office are meant as support for the officers who screen passengers at their arrival or as they exit.
“Safety is our core business and it starts at the borders. The knowledge and quality remains mostly at the front-office and that is mainly to be able to detect fraudulent documents. Expertise and capability have been put together in this “Back Office” to properly carry out these investigations,” Chief Commissioner Peter de Witte said at the opening ceremony.

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