St. Maarten Police force gets boost with 31 new officers

POSTED: 12/19/11 2:22 AM

St. Maarten – Today the police force is 31 officers stronger. The officers finished their Bavpol training on Friday and they will immediately start working today. The Bavpol-training teaches aspiring officers basic policing skills.

Six of the new officers will be placed with the bikers team, five go to the Zero Tolerance team, another five go to the Simpson Bay police station, five go to the police headquarters in Philipsburg, four go to Central Dispatch, while the technical department and the operational unit each get one new officer. It is unclear where the four remaining officers will be stationed.
“These officers will be a great addition to the police force and will help to have more men and women in blue on the streets,” the police force said in a press statement yesterday. “This will help create a greater sense of security.”
During the weekend the members of the bikers team underwent instruction from team-leader and certified instructor Claudio Ellis. Acting Chief Commissioner Carl John welcomed the men to the force and wished them much success.

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St. Maarten Police force gets boost with 31 new officers by

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