St. Maarten Police adopt new modus operandi

POSTED: 01/14/13 12:47 PM

St. Maarten – Move aside marines, the police are adopting a brand new approach to crime fighting on the island and that involves them adapting to the environment, looking like the military but doing regular police work in the surrounding hills.
This new development involving ranks from the Zero Tolerance Team, VKS and regular officers came to light last Saturday when several police cars ascended Weymouth Hill carrying officers fully attired in commouflage uniforms.

While the objective was to traverse the areas on the hills separating South Reward from the French side of the island to see where there were manmade tracks in addition to those made by animals, it was also an opportunity to test the fitness level of those involved along the rigorous hillside.
Ironically, this exercise by the local police came at a time when there is a shroud of mystery still hanging over the disappearance of Annmarie Lynch, who has been missing since December 22. According to police spokesman Giovanni Sprott who headed the operation Saturday’s exercise is just the beginning.
“In 2013, we will be adopting a new approach to law enforcement and we will be getting familiar with the orientation of all the hills on the island. We will constantly be checking these hills for illegal activities. People are accustomed to be seeing officers in cars, it’s time to see them on foot, we have to take back our community,” Sprott said.

According to Sprott, a new pattern which saw people making quick escapes after robberies on foot has triggered the implantation of the new approach to crime fighting on the island. “We have to know each and every trail and track they use to make those getaways, we have to know what to do when we receive a report or receive a tip. The tax payers are going to get their dollars worth out of this new service, the police will be much more visible,” he concluded.

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