St. Maarten Parliament discusses new clerk this Friday

POSTED: 04/13/11 12:06 PM

Appointment urgent due to departure Franklin Hanze

St. Maarten – The parliament handles on Friday morning the appointment of the clerk for its organization. The contract of Franklin Hanze, who has functioned as the interim clerk since 10-10-10, ends next month.

Parliament President Gracita Arrindell said yesterday that the recruitment drive for the clerk, who will become the boss of the parliament staff, started five months ago. “It was a lengthy process but we now have consensus about a candidate. The presidium of the parliament, consisting of Arrindell and MPs Leroy de Weever and Patrick Illidge selected the candidate, whose appointment now has to be approved by the parliament.

Arrindell declined to reveal the candidate’s name and remained non-committal when asked whether the clerk is a local. She said that the appointment is urgent and that she is looking forward to a discussion in parliament void of politicking. “I am not looking forward to discussion about whether the candidate was born here or not,” she said in an aside at the end of yesterday’s press briefing. “If that happens, I’m ready for it.”

The senioren convent discussed the candidate extensively in a closed meeting that last three-and-a-half hours yesterday morning. The National Alliance did not attend, according to Arrindell because faction leader William Marlin said he had not received documents for the meeting. Arrindell said that, due to the confidentiality of the documents (basically, the candidate’s curriculum) this was handed out to the faction leaders in attention personally.

Arrindell said that the parliament staff will consist of ten or eleven employees. All candidates for the positions have already gone through a selection procedure, but their definite appointment hinges on the appointment of the clerk. “The clerk will head the organization and we want to give time to the candidate for that post to review the proposed appointments,” Arrindell said.


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