St. Maarten Parliament approves inheritance law

POSTED: 10/8/13 11:12 AM

St. Maarten – The parliament approved several pieces of civil legislation yesterday without much ado. Among the approved draft laws is the national ordinance on inheritance and donations.

“This law will improve the position of the surviving spouse,” Justice Minister Dennis Richardson explained.

DP-MP Leroy de Weever asked to let the law go into effect one year from now to give notaries and their staff the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the new situation, to undergo the necessary training and to inform the public.

Minister Richardson acknowledged that there are important personal interests at stake and that he would like to get the opportunity to consult with the notaries and determine a time frame together with them.

The parliament also approved civil legislation regarding trusts, the central registration of child abuse, the sale of property and assets, the acceptance and contracting of work, consumer protection, joint custody of minors, sole proprietorship, insurance and annuity, common law marriage and civil claims and bankruptcy.

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