St. Maarten Mountain bikers grab three podium places in Aruba

POSTED: 01/25/16 6:44 PM

sports huele and hodgeSt. Maarten News: Sandra Garnier and Joost Huele emerged as the winners while Dean Hodge Jr placed second in the when the curtains went down on the 10th Annual Tri Bike, Three Day Mountain Bike Cycling championships which took place in Aruba over the weekend.

On the first day of the event which took place last Friday night along a short circuit on the marine base, Hodge riding for ‘Team Cyclone’ finished in the #2 spot behind Joost Huele and occupying the number three spot was Jose Maduro from Aruba.

According to Hodge Jr, Garnier also finished in the #2 spot in that event, on day two they were required to cover a 30km cross country course. For the second time, he had to settle for the number two spot behind Huele and in third was Renze Postma. Garnier was still in the number two spot after two races.

The final race in the series was by far the shortest, they had to ride for eight laps, but Huele emerged as the undisputed winner of the series. Garnier however was 1st overall and that in a nutshell was the lion’s share of the podium prizes.

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St. Maarten Mountain bikers grab three podium places in Aruba by

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