St. Maarten Kadaster employees complete Corporate Governance training

POSTED: 09/23/11 12:49 PM

St. Maarten – Management of the Kadaster completed four weeks of training in good governance and the legal aspects of the public registers recently. The course covered the basic principles of governance, corporate governance and good governance.
The course is part of a broader effort to comply with the corporate governance code. The training focused on providing information and practical exercises on how the rules affect the Kadaster’s operational and administrative procedures. There was also particular focus on the legal aspects of the public registers.
“Since the public registers are lately being unfairly criticized for different reasons, management also found it necessary to skill the total staff with more detailed knowledge regarding these registers. In this part of the training several aspects were brought forward such as the distinction of the different property rights, the registration requirements for submitted deeds, procedures for auction, prescriptive rights, seizures, the implementation of court rulings, and other related legal concepts,” a release from the Kadaster’s management stated.

Legal training
Kadaster staff is also continuing with their course in civil law. The last of group of employees to start began their studies recently and others who started earlier are continuing. This course is mean to raise the overall level at the Kadaster. It also gives the staff a tool to use in dealing with situations that arise.
“Overall this is aimed to result in better service to the public, based on a higher educational level of Kadaster employees,” the management stated.

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St. Maarten Kadaster employees complete Corporate Governance training by

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  1. Experienced says:

    “Kadaster Sint Maarten’s Masquerade Info”
    Waste of money and time because Pinokio Roos is corupt and the staff and employees can not work by the rules of the law in any situation because he himself will demand them internally to make frauds in the registers and to rob the clients with improper false tarifs and fees. And for who is he, in the name of who, and to who belongs the extraordinary fees he is collecting? Seems like Roos is the powerful governor in sint martin because the rulemakers are quiet and afraid to strict him ??? So above info is Roze Pinokio’s masquerade, and false hope info for the public.

  2. Experienced says:

    Because I’m experiencing all above mentioned right now in these day with kadaster precisely last week

  3. Experienced says:

    On wich law principle of good/ corporate governance can a client be told by the employee of the cadaster today that he canot give the service to tell for example the price of a research raport and belonged documents copie prices because only the director can decide that?
    Or on wich legal principle can the director manipulate with several fees to clients telling them that he has to charge fl 140 per hour for more than 30 hours personal work although the new digitised register system.THus corporate Governance means that the kadaster director can use and decide to charge above his normal income more than the MP,Minister or the Governor per hour and the time work he wants to put although the new digtised registration system that he is broadcasting? Who in this goverment corporate with him legally and what for increased level of public service thus that mean for the client? Is the client unfair in telling and asking about the legaly truth. WHo in the goverment will protect the clients right and prevent them from manipulationpower of cadaster director’s,????????????????????????????