St. Maarten Immigration launches new travel guide and residency brochures

POSTED: 10/11/13 2:04 PM

St. Maarten – The Immigration and Border Protection Service (IBP) will be launching its new brand within the coming months. The organization is no longer the Immigration and Naturalization Department (IND). The brand launch will delve deeper into the agency’s new focuses and image.

For now the IBP has recently published a brochure on travelling to St. Maarten with the intention to inform both local residents and visitors abroad of the proper procedures and requirements necessary for legal entry to the island.

The guide “Visiting Sint Maarten – Entry Requirements for Tourists and Visa Guide” lists the most up-to-date requirements that must be met in order for tourists to be allowed entry to St. Maarten. It comprises information on what must be presented to the border control officer i.e.; valid passport and return ticket, information pertaining to the length of stay allowed as well as instructions on how to obtain a Dutch Caribbean visa.

This brochure is important not only for the many tourists who visit St. Maarten annually but also for those local residents who invite family members to the island or organizations hosting conferences or concerts for which participants are from visa-restricted countries. Organizations are asked to contact the IBP in advance of events for assistance with obtaining visas.

Also available are newly created guides regarding the requirements for legal residency. Titled ‘Living on Sint Maarten – Guide to Residency,’ three downloadable brochures layout the requirements for first time applications, extensions and permit changes.

The IBP is dedicated to informing the public on the proper procedures in regards to travel to St. Maarten and should be contacted for further information.

Guides are available for immediate download at under ‘Ministry of Justice’ or can be requested by e-mail through

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