St. Maarten House on the lookout for ‘free movers’

POSTED: 02/17/12 12:42 PM

THE NETHERLANDS/St.Maarten – Students who do not fall under Student Support Services St.Maarten (S-4) in the Netherlands are being invited to take advantage of the services offered at St.Maarten House in The Hague. Renewing calls to connect with the so called “free movers”, Minister Plenipotentiary Mathias Voges on Wednesday said that “we as a cabinet have to take care of them because they don’t have anybody to take care of them.”

These students, Voges explained, were part of the group who accused S-4 of not adequately informing them about Holland’s strict insurance. Voges admitted that since S-4 was a foundation, his cabinet did not have a duty to intervene but decided that it was in the best interest of all to have a mutual understanding.

“We don’t deal with their problems but we spoke with some of the students and the board.”

At the end of that discussion, it was agreed to have meetings every six months with the board of S-4 or more often, if the need arises, the minister said.

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St. Maarten House on the lookout for ‘free movers’ by

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