St. Maarten has highest fuel prices among Dutch Caribbean countries

POSTED: 07/6/11 1:21 PM

GREAT BAY\WILLEMSTAD – St. Maarten currently has the most expensive fuel prices in the Dutch Caribbean countries when a comparison is done with Curacao, Aruba. Prices here are also higher than those in the Public Entity of Bonaire. Motorists here pay 2.46 guilders per liter while their counterparts pay 2.40 guilders per liter in Curacao, 2.45 guilders per liter in Aruba and 2.41 guilders in Bonaire.

Curacao maintains the status of cheapest place to buy fuel even though the price of 2.40 guilders per liter – which took effect on Tuesday – is 38 cents higher than where the price has been for the past 15 months. Diesel is also 38 guilder cents higher as of Tuesday and the price of a large cylinder of cooking gas jumped 14.39 guilders from 59 guilders to 73.39 guilders. Curacao last adjusted fuel prices in April 2010.

St. Maarten’s last price adjustment was on June 30. As of that date gasoline fell by seven guilder cents per liter (2.53 to 2.46) and diesel became more expensive – going from 2.07 guilders per liter to 2.13 guilders per liter.

The Curacao government decided to raise the prices because of rising prices on for oil on the world market, but ensured there was a controlled increase. One of the steps in implementing the controlled increase is implementing a 15 cent reduction on the excise duty that is part of the new tax system it will introduce soon. Curoil – a government owned company – is a direct beneficiary of the reduction. The government also eliminated a cross subsidy for Aqualectra leading to a 22 cents per liter saving for consumers.

Bureau Telecommunications and Post calculated the new rate based on invoices submitted by Curoil. The calculations will be done monthly and adjusted tariffs printed in most of the newspapers. A breakdown of the tariff shows for every liter sold the government will collect 22 guilder cents in taxes, 47 guilder cents will go to excise, the oil company will get 1.42 guilders and the gas stations – Curoil included – will get 24 guilder cents.

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