St. Maarten Gun license policy takes effect January 1

POSTED: 09/22/11 2:22 PM

St. Maarten – Minister of Justice Roland Duncan says his policy on the issuance of gun licenses will take effect on January 1, 2012. The updated draft policy, which takes into account several concerns and advices, is currently being reviewed by the Council of Ministers, though Duncan stresses the decision is his to make.
“This is my policy, but I decided to have one last round of discussion in the Council of Ministers after weighing all the pros and cons, reading the various advices from the police and public prosecutor and the concerns of Parliament and my colleagues in the Council of Ministers,” Duncan said.

The Minister said he’s also waiting until January to implement the new policy because he needed time to set up “the facilities for control”. One such control mechanism is a shooting range in Sucker Garden, where people will be able to learn to fire a weapon in order to gain their certification. The other mechanism is ensuring that people will be able to import the safes that will be needed to store their gun.
Duncan has also made several changes in content in the policy. One of the bigger changes is that applicants will have to be 25 in order to get a license. He’d initially proposed that people be able to get a license at 18 and then moved that to 21 before adjusting the final draft to take the age to 25.
While he finalizes the new policy Duncan is also handling renewals of current permits and has pledged to finalize them as soon as possible.

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