St. Maarten Government tracking human rights issues

POSTED: 03/29/12 2:30 PM

GREAT BAY- St. Maarten’s transition into country status affected its ability to address many of its human rights issues. So says the Kingdom Report on Human Rights, a sentiment that is shared by Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams. Since then a human rights reporting platform has been established by the government of St. Maarten the prime minister disclosed at the weekly Council of Ministers press briefing on Wednesday.

“We have created such a platform to ensure that the different reporting that we need to make happens in a timely fashion and that information is collected from all of the sources,” the prime minister explained.

The prime minister believes reporting on human rights issues affects most ministries and so the decision was taken to gather information from each ministry. This is then compiled into a general report which will eventually form part of a larger Kingdom report.

“This is a huge responsibility that St. Maarten now has to do independently,” the prime minister confessed.

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