St. Maarten Government solicits bids for new health survey

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GREAT BAY – St. Maarten conducted its first health study ‘How Healthy is St. Maarten’ in 1999 to 2002. The purpose hereof was to collect necessary information for public health policy development and health care and services reform on St. Maarten. The data retrieved consisted of the adult population’s health and the related behavior, which was necessary to start programming for research (to develop an integrated process of health care research), policy planning and informed decision making as well as being of importance to health care providers, health educators, and consumers of health care.
Considering the fact that the initial study results can be considered out-dated, due to the time elapsed and the many changes that have occurred on the island, i.e. population growth, high migration rate, infrastructural change, pollution, etc., it is of high importance to execute a similar study to get a general description of the population’s current health status and their current use of health services. Data obtained from the study can then be used for the further development of policy and/or reform within public health.
The targeted population of which the study focuses on are the non-institutionalized adults (18+ years of age). This approach is taken in order to get an accurate portrayal of the general health of the general adult population residing on St. Maarten.
Considering that St. Maarten is an island with a very diverse population, it creates an interesting challenge, as many different cultural aspects have to be taken into account when preparing and executing the study, as well as analyzing and interpreting the results.
In order to assess and evaluate the current local health situation, it is necessary to get insight into the following, as well as, the interdependence of the objective health care and the subjectively experienced health of the population, the factors that affect the health status; health determinants
the use of the health care facilities; medical consumption and the factors that affect medical consumption.
The Government of St. Maarten, more specifically the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour (i.e. Public Health Department) is now in the process of hiring external consultants for the preparation, execution and analysis of the general health of the public; a follow-up ‘How Healthy is St. Maarten?’ study. The bidding has officially been opened and consultants are invited to submit bids and request information until August 31 2012, with an aim to award the project ultimately by September 28 2012.
The consultant will be responsible for drafting the project/research plan, working out the exact methodology and acquiring the instruments necessary, as well as getting stakeholder involvement, preparing, executing as well as managing the fieldwork, entering and analyzing data as well as providing a report and presentation of the results of the executed research (including recommendations for policy development (steps to be taken to develop and amend current policies) and health care and service reform).
The specific objectives of this consultancy and study are to give insight into the demographic and socio-economic distribution of chronic disorders among the population, as well as their general health status, assess the lifestyle and the social environment of the population and its health risks, as well as the anthropometric data and preventive practices of the population, give insight into health problems and functional disabilities among elderly inhabitants, gather information on the health risks of the various vulnerable groups; namely undocumented immigrants and women, gain insight into the population’s needs for ‘health care shopping’ outside of Dutch St. Maarten, as well as the knowledge, attitudes, satisfaction and use of health practices and services on the island.
The Minister of Public Health, Social Development & Labour of St. Maarten, hereby invites prospective bidders to the public bidding for the project. The project assigner is The Minister of Public Health, Social Development & Labour of St. Maarten, in coordination with the Project Management Team & Project Leader Public Health.
The project will be financed by The Government of St. Maarten. The Terms of Reference for this project can be obtained at the Department of Public Health. Address: W.G. Buncamper road #33, Vineyard Office Park, Philipsburg, St. Maarten. Tel: +1721 5423003/5423553/5422078, Fax: +1721 5437824. The Terms of Reference is only available in English.
All bids must be submitted in writing, signed, in English, in the format as described in the Terms of Reference, in triplicate, in a closed envelope and have the address and the notification “Tender ‘How Healthy is St. Maarten?’ Follow-up Study” on the envelope.
The bid can be submitted at the office of the Department of Public Health to the attention of the project leader Fleur Hermanides. Address: W.G. Buncamper road #33 Vineyard Office Park, Philipsburg, St. Maarten, ultimately on August 31st 2012 at 12:00 p.m. (noon).
The bid can also be submitted by e-mail to and All documents need to be compiled in one pdf-file, including a scanned signature. Bids per fax will not be accepted.
Further information can be obtained by contacting drs Fleur Hermanides, at the Department of Public Health, at the abovementioned contact information. Questions must be submitted in writing.

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