St. Maarten Government seeks to reduce loss of driver’s licenses

POSTED: 06/6/12 12:08 PM

Replacement licenses to cost 300 guilders

St. Maarten / By Donellis Browne – The Government of St. Maarten proposes to raise the price of a replacement driver’s license to 300 guilders in order to make it less attractive for people to lose their original. The reasoning is part of the explanatory note attached to the draft law to amend the stamp ordinance that will allow for new prices for identity cards and driver’s license.
“This additional amount is meant to make it less attractive to replace a lost license, while the old may still be traced. Fraud is also counteracted as a result. The increase of the amount payable for a duplicate license is due to the increase in the price of a license, including the introduction of new licenses,” the government states in the law’s explanatory note.
According to the draft the new prices for driver’s license will be 400 guilders for the assessment of the driver’s skill and knowledge of the traffic laws, 200 guilders for getting a license for the first time, the 300 guilders for a replacement, 150 guilders for a license for a motorbike, 25 guilders for a temporary license (three months), 75 guilders for an international license and 100 guilders for a permit to drive a vehicle on two or three wheels.
The government’s proposal to amend the stamp ordinance will also lead to higher fees for identification cards. People between 18 and 59 will pay 45 guilders to get an identification card if the law proposal is approved. People in that age category who lose their identification card will have to pay 70 guilders for a replacement. People who are 17 and under and the people 60 and over will pay 22.50 for a new card. That same group will pay 47.50 guilders if they have to replace the card. The draft proposes charging 17.50 guilders for a statement of life (attestatie de vita).
The government states that the proposed new prices, which are 10 percent above where they are now, are in line with the three percent inflation that was experienced in 2009 and 2010 and the expected four percent inflation of 2011. The government anticipates that based on the figures from 2009 it can project that the new tariffs will yield an additional 602, 745 guilders that can be used to cover the additional personnel needed to process the issuance of the cards and “substantial” investments in equipment and training for the staffers at the Civil Registry. There are also additional expenses in making better and more fraud resistant cards.

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St. Maarten Government seeks to reduce loss of driver’s licenses by

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