St. Maarten Government revives anti noise pollution campaign

POSTED: 02/11/13 2:41 PM

St. Maarten (DCOMM) – Acting Head of the Department of Inspections Martha Thewet says her department will be stepping up controls and enforcement after the swearing in of 18 staff members of her department and two from economic affairs as extraordinary police officer.

The status allows the civil servants to enforce various ordinances and issue fines to those who are breaking the law. Thewet says that this will allow the department to carry out more controls and increase enforcement.

Controls will be intensified in the economic area as well as public transportation. New policies and changes to the public transportation ordinance will be implemented within short.

Three taxi dispatchers are also now extra ordinary police and they will be able to issue fines. One school bus controller received the same status.

Additional staff from the inspections department is currently enrolled in the Police Academy and will within short have the same status as their colleagues.

One of the projects is a noise pollution campaign. This campaign was launched two years ago and will be re-launched in the coming months.

The department has received a number of complaints from the community about loud music from bars and snack bars; the department will control these establishments to make sure that they stick to the rules as far as sound levels is concerned.

After the swearing in ceremony the civil servants were treated to lunch at the Sheer Restaurant.

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