St. Maarten Government offers $10,000 for national anthem

POSTED: 10/10/11 11:33 AM

Competition opens until December 31

GREAT BAY (DCOMM) – The government announced the organization of a national anthem competition yesterday. The winning entry will earn $10,000. Half of the prize money is for the lyrics, the other half for the music. The competition closes on December 31.

To guarantee the widest possible public participation all citizens of St. Maarten as well as St. Maarteners living abroad are eligible to participate. Participants must have the Dutch nationality and must be at least 18 years of age. All participants will receive a memento for their efforts.
The department of communication stated in a press release yesterday that the text ought to manifest “the unity in diversity, inherent in the culture of St. Maarten.” The national anthem should also express love for the country and the people.
The lyrics are to be submitted in English and may consist of several stanzas. The melody must be original and catchy, and it must not contain recognizable parts from existing music.

The government proposes to compose the national anthem in the English language because that is the language that is most commonly spoken.
Entries can be handed in during normal working hours until December 31, 2011. All submissions will be confirmed with an official receipt from the registrar at the Minister’s Cabinet.
The entries should consist of a neatly typed text and CD on which the composition is sung to the accompaniment of at least one of the following musical instruments: a “keyboard” or a plucked stringed instrument (for example a guitar) or an instrument that’s traditional however with good tone and clarity (for example the steel pan). A clearly legible musical notation is desirable, but not compulsory. All the items should be submitted in duplicate.

Participants should be aware of the fact that if their entry is chosen as the official national anthem of St. Maarten, they will have to surrender their copyrights to the government. Should minor corrections/changes have to be made in the chosen composition, the Committee is authorized to make them in consultation with the author(s)/composer.

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