St. Maarten Government did not fall – again

POSTED: 08/6/15 6:46 PM


St. Maarten – For the second time this year a gossip website circulated rumors about the fall of the government. It was, as usual, an incorrect report that covered all bases with an opening line like, “What appeared to be a rumor seemingly became a reality” and continued with bland asides like ‘SMN News understands’ and ‘according to information reaching SMN News’ followed by claims preceded with the term ‘allegedly.’

The only thing that is true is that National Alliance leader William Marlin and DP-MP Sarah Wescot-Williams met at the parliament building on Tuesday. That was not, as the gossip website reported, to divide the portfolios for the new government, but to discuss the governing program of the current cabinet.

The web-report included Wescot-Williams in the coup, but that is way off the mark. “I heard the rumors too,” the DP-leader told this newspaper, indicating that as far as she is concerned the cabinet is still where it is supposed to be.

Last time the gossip site claimed that UP-MPs Silvio Matser and Maurice Lake had pulled the plug on the coalition, together with Leona Marlin-Romeo. This time, it suggested that Lake and Matser were in cahoots with United St. Maarten party MP Frans Richardson.

In March the gossip site concocted a story whereby the conflict at the St. Maarten Housing Foundation took center stage. Leona Marlin-Romeo was supposedly involved in this imaginary coup because the housing foundation had fired its director Henry Lynch, who happened to be her campaign manager in the 2014 elections. Marlin-Romeo denied the story as “absolutely false information” in an email statement to this newspaper and the story quietly died.


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