St. Maarten Government commissions new vision on housing

POSTED: 09/15/11 12:21 PM

Improving waste disposal still under review

GREAT BAY, St. Maarten – The government has commissioned a study called St. Maarten Housing Vision 2012 – 2017 in order to come up with a five year policy plan on developing housing for low and middle income residents. There will also be attention to crafting legislation on housing, with the goal being the improvement of the overall quality of housing.
This new vision will succeed and build upon the current vision of constructing more two and three bedroom rental units as homes for the elderly. It will also succeed and build on the current partnership with the St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation to allow for the construction of private and duplex homes. That partnership will lead to the construction of a 30 middle income rental apartments, 24 apartments for senior citizens, 12 homes for purchase and 15 middle homes for purchase.
The announcement of the new vision was part of the State of the Nation Address delivered by Governor drs Eugene Holiday on Tuesday. The new vision is part of a wider commitment to maintaining a durable, weather proven economic infrastructure comprised of adequate housing, a good road network, modern sea- and airports, adequate lighting, proper drainage and efficient waste disposal. The other key elements of that broad goal are the implementation of a road and drainage maintenance program that includes road works and the installation of street lights, water drainage and sewerage lines. All of this is being done while the government continues to consider how to improve waste disposal and the construction of a modern waste disposal plant. The government’s consideration continues even though it has a report that the Philipsburg Landfill is nearing the end of its life cycle.

The government also made clear that it contains to maintain a “green vision” that aims at maintaining the health of the country’s enviroment. This vision is a “careful balancing” based on sustainability.
According to Governor Holiday, “The zoning of the island has taken on renewed impetus, and the management of waste water and refuse is a top priority. With SLAC’s commitment to an improved management of the Simpson Bay Lagoon and the imminent clean-up of the Great Salt Pond, these two vital water areas will be given new breath. Moreover government supports and encourages the use of alternative energy sources.”

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