St. Maarten Government begins testing drinking water

POSTED: 06/4/12 1:46 PM

St. Maarten – The cabinet of the Minister of Public Health Social Development & Labor announced on Sunday that ministry’s inspectorate is now ready to begin testing the quality of drinking water. The statement confirms the minister’s announcement from last Wednesday that St. Maarten Laboratory Services (SLS) has been selected to do the quarterly tests and report back to the minister.
The Drink Water Ordinance allows government to audit the quality of drinking water based on the volume of water produced. Inspectors of the Environmental Hygiene department will take samples that will be analyzed for microbial contamination, the physical and chemical properties of the drinking water. The Drinking water Ordinance also provides the norms to which the quality must adhere.
“It is important that the water we drink is tested not only by Gebe, but also by an independent lab. The law stipulates this and we should make sure that the checks and balances are in place to ensure our drinking water is safe and stays that way,” Minister Cornelius De Weever stated.
The requirement that GEBE report the results of its internal quality control program every quarter has been in effect since January.

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