St. Maarten gets two seats on expanded UTS-board

POSTED: 03/1/11 12:39 PM

St. Maarten – Glen Carty was appointed as the second managing director at telecom provider UTS in Curacao during the company’s shareholder meeting yesterday. Carty was the chief operating officer at UTS in St. Maarten. He remains as the President of the Chamber of Commerce and he will also remain a resident of St. Maarten.
St. Maarten’s shareholder representative, Justice Minister Roland Duncan told this newspaper last night that the shareholders fired the old board. “We have a new situation with country Curacao and country St. Maarten and we felt that we have the right to determine who is going to be on the board.”
St. Maarten proposed to expand the board of directors from seven to nine members, and to give St. Maarten two seats. Curacao holds 87.5 percent of the UTS-shares, and St. Maarten has the remaining 12.56 percent.
Asked whether the second seat on the UTS-board was a condition for St. Maarten to go along with a merger between the Telem group of companies and UTS, Duncan said that this was not his decision to make. “But it looks very logical for UTS and Telem to work together. I am not saying that this must be the formula, but the mix would be good. They speak the same language.”
Duncan said that a delegation of Telem will visit UTS in Curacao for talks later this week. “I am not saying that I favor the combination of Telem and UTS, but I think that we have to take a serious look at cooperation.”
The other suitors of Telem are Lime and Digicel.

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