St. Maarten Finance Ministry staffers visit Aruba for information gathering, course

POSTED: 06/20/11 1:07 PM

St. Maarten – Two civil servants from the Ministry of Finance, section Financial Policy, Taxes and Budgeting, namely Julisa Frans and Catherine Arrindell-Conner, recently returned from Aruba after a two week working visit at the Aruba Ministry of Finance. The entire working visit was prepared and supervised by Mary Ann de Jong-Curet, Section head Budgeting and Policy of the Department of Finance for the Aruban Ministry of Finance, but paid for by the St. Maarten Ministry of Finance.

During their stay in Aruba the pair met with Section Heads and staff members of the Finance department, Economic Affairs department, Audit Council, Tax department, the Minister of Finance, Communication, Utilities and Energy and his policy advisor/Chief of Staff. Frans and Arrindell-Conner also had the opportunity to attend a 2011 Parliament budget meeting and took part in the Public Finances Aruba (LOFA) course.

Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto says that it is essential for country St. Maarten to have its personnel exchange views with their counterparts with the Kingdom, and the Aruba working visit allowed them to just do that. Both Frans and Arrindell-Conner said it was a very intense two week work visit where they were given in depth insight into the policy and budgeting process within the legal framework.

Economic growth projections and tax matters were also discussed.  The information and advice received will definitely help the section of Financial Policy, Taxes and Budgeting with their daily work activities and advising role within Government. Both civil servants also got an opportunity to pay an educational and exciting visit to Parke Arikok & Museo Archelogico.

Frans and Arrindell-Conner are thankful for the opportunity that they were given and have praised all the people they met who were more than willing to share their knowledge and expertise and have shown their willingness to assist and support Country St Maarten on its journey.



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St. Maarten Finance Ministry staffers visit Aruba for information gathering, course by

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