St. Maarten Finance Ministry fires Bas Roorda

POSTED: 04/3/11 4:11 PM

St. Maarten –The Finance Ministry has fired the head of its finance department Bas Roorda this week, for reasons that have not yet been disclosed. When The Today Newspaper called the ministry yesterday afternoon and asked to speak to Roorda, acting secretary general Sherry Hazel said, “Mr. Roorda does not work for the government anymore.”

Roorda was off-island for the weekend, according to information this newspaper gathered from his place of residence at the Tamarind Hotel in Pointe Blanche, and he was not immediately available for a comment on his dismissal.

Roorda was appointed as the head of the finance department by the Island territory of St. Maarten fifteen months ago. He had a contract for three years.

It is not immediately clear whether Roorda will fight his dismissal. Yesterday afternoon he was in contact with an attorney but he had not taken the step to hire him. This newspaper sent a text message to Finance Minister Hiro Shigemoto asking about the reasons for the dismissal, but the Minister did not respond.

Roorda was the liaison between the Finance Ministry and the financial supervisor Cft. The dismissal coincides with reports that the Cft has asked the Kingdom Council of Ministers to give St. Maarten an instruction to balance its 2011 budget, but there are no firm indications that the action by the Cft and Roorda’s dismissal are connected.

Roorda came to St. Maarten in the beginning of 2010. He was the leader of the VVD-faction in the municipal council of Valkenswaard.

Cft Secretary Geert Bergsma said yesterday evening that he was unaware of Roorda’s dismissal, and took the news philosophical. “as the head of the finance department he was a key player in the contacts with the Cft,” Bergsma said. “He was the official contact on the civil servant-level we spoke with. But it is up to St. Maarten how it wants to set up its organization, like it is up to the Cft to organize itself. I guess we will get an official announcement about this.”

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