St. Maarten Census post count begins June 6

POSTED: 06/3/11 7:01 PM

St. Maarten – The post count in the 2011 Census, which begins June 6, will focus on two core groups including people who were not counted in the Census and people who did not cooperate when the team of 500 enumerators made their rounds from April 9 to April 17. The post count will be done by 20 to 30 enumerators.
“Some neighborhoods were not covered because of the large number of houses in the area,” Head of the Department of Statistics Makini Richardson explained.
The actual census counting – April 9 to April 17 – covered 68 percent of the 13, 900 addresses that needed to be counted. The remaining 32 percent is divided into people still to be approached (15 percent) and addresses that need to be verified and double checked (17 percent). An inventory of those who were not counted at all is being compiled ahead of the post count.
“We don’t want to make any projections of growth or contraction in the population size based on the amount of people covered thus far because we believe it is still too early for that,” Senior Statistical Officer Maurette Anterstijn Anstertijn said when asked if there were already indications of growth.
In this coming phase priority will be given to people who call the Department of Statistics at 542-2151 and request an appointment. Enumerators will also reach out to those who were on vacation and those people who did not cooperate. Anterstijn, who was the project leader for the Census, said the enumerators faced several people who did not cooperate and that at times enumerators had to contend with loose dogs. The cooperation aspect is a concern for the department and Anterstijn stressed the reason why the data being gathered is important.
“There are two sides to the form. One is about the living conditions and the other is personal information and the results we get can be used by the government as a means to help with their planning and with their policy formation,” Anterstijn said.
Once the post count is finished the Department of Statistics will begin inventories the forms and then begins scanning them so the data can be put together in specific charts. This analysis should be finished by the end of the year, when all the data has been coded.
Hickinson also confirmed Wednesday that the vast majority of the enumerators had been paid for their work, and it was only 53 people who owed back taxes that were not paid.
“The vast majority of the enumerators have already received their payment though,” Hickinson said.

Thank you
The Department also presented baskets to Census sponsors on Wednesday, to thank them for their contribution.

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