St. Maarten Carnival (SCDF) bans young children from adult carnival events

POSTED: 09/18/15 12:14 PM

Causeway jump upSt. Maarten – Children aged 14 or younger will no longer be allowed entry to the Festival Village during carnival without adult supervision during adult-oriented shows, the carnival development foundation SCDF announced in a press release this weekend.

The youth extravaganza and other, unspecified “youth-oriented shows” are exempt from the rule.

The SCDF will apprise concert promoters of the age-restriction rule.

“We felt we simply had to make this move considering the growing trend over the past few years,” the foundation stated, adding that parents are responsible for their children and the SCDF is responsible for carnival.

“when you see 12 and 13 year old kids trying to get a ride home after 2 a.m. or taking a bus after 3 a.m. you not only question parental responsibility, but you start to look at what you can do to address that,” the press release states.

The SCDF supports remarks Member of Parliament Tamara Leonard made last week about the presence of young children at carnival events.

“There are too many stakeholders that depend on the events we currently have,” the foundation states. “Limiting them or eliminating them is not the way to go and entirely unfair to them. While we support the efforts to curb youth presence at adult carnival events, we will, not support efforts if they hurt our traditional events.”

The SCDF stated that it is looking forward to discussions with the minister of justice and the police department “before any regulations are imposed.”

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St. Maarten Carnival (SCDF) bans young children from adult carnival events by

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