St. Maarten Carnival parades live on internet

POSTED: 04/26/11 11:55 AM

St. Maarten – Flamboyant Broadcasting announces yesterday it plans live internet streaming broadcasts of Jouvert and the Grand Parades via its website at

The internet broadcasts will be streamed live this Friday during the Jouvert Morning Jump Up starting at 4 a.m., on Saturday during the Children and Grand Carnival Parade starting at 10 a.m. with a repeat on Sunday during the Second Day Parade starting at 1 p.m.

The three broadcasts total at least seven hours of airtime. They will subsequently be available for an indefinite period of time on demand-basis on the website. That way, those who missed the live streaming broadcasts can watch it at their convenience.

The live internet broadcasts make Carnival in St. Maarten for the first time directly accessible for people living in for instance Holland, Canada, the USA and on surrounding islands.

Flamboyant Broadcasting will providing advertisers and sponsors the opportunity to display their logo’s and marketing messages using two different sizes of banners that will be displayed during the broadcasts in a ticker tape style at the bottom of the screen. These banners will also remain visible during the on-demand broadcasts.

Flamboyant Broadcasting is an internet-based broadcasting company and has already successfully broadcasted several events, including the 2010 election campaigns, Elton Richardson’s 2010 “St. Maarten in Retrospect” show and the recently held Unity Jump Up parade on Saturday, March 19. Besides streaming public events live via the internet, Flamboyant Broadcasting can also stream private events such as weddings online with password protected access for family and friends only. Flamboyant Broadcasting uses the latest internet broadcasting technology.

For information, visit, call 523 31 50 or 523 35 64, or email


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