St. Maarten Carnival honors Titans of Calypso

POSTED: 04/23/12 8:33 PM

St. Maarten – After years of contributing to the art form on and off the stage, the St Maarten Carnival Development Foundation has formally recognized six legends of Carnival and one master of ceremonies during a simple but yet significant ceremony on Friday in the Festival Village.

For those that are still alive, it was a recognition long overdue, but for the relatives of those that have passed away, it was a poignant moment in their lives, a day they will always remember. The foundation referred to the following as Titans Of Calypso: The Mighty Cat, Mighty Gregg, King Beau Beau, Kaiso Brat, King T-Mo, Mighty Dow and our own philosopher of humor, Fernando Clark. Those recognized were not singled out for their winning performances on stage, they were recognized for what they have been doing in the community for junior calypsonians and young steel pan musicians.

“We see this as the most fitting opportunity here tonight to make a tribute to those that have contributed to Carnival on St Maarten over the years,” said SCDF President Stuart Johnson. All trophies were sponsored by Big D’s Photo Studio.


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