St. Maarten Carnival Foundation releases 2012 teaser promotional flyer

POSTED: 08/4/11 3:01 PM

GREATBAY- The St. Maarten Carnival Development Foundation (SCDF) has put its preparation for Carnival 2012 in full gear in keeping with its pledge to start preparations early. The first step in the planning is the release of a teaser promotional flyer which has already been distributed at the Anguilla Summer Festival and at the Saba Carnival. There are plans to also strategically distribute it at other regional events and venues.

The teaser flyer is adorned with revelers and has the dates for Carnival 2012 – April 19, 2012 to May 2, 2012 – as well as the contact information of the SCDF. Initial reactions to the promotional flyer, which was designed by Cleon Frederick of So Contagious Studio, have been overwhelmingly positive.

“The board of the SCDF has been committed to organizing and making sure preparations are early and for the upcoming Carnival 2012, we intend to start even earlier than ever before. Our airline companies, our tourism officials and other relevant stakeholders will also receive this warm up promotional flyer promoting Carnival 2012,” SCDF President Stuart Johnson said.

While Carnival “fettin” ended for revelers in early May, the work has never stopped for the board of the SCDF. The foundation has been focusing on finalizing various issues from Carnival 2011, including finalizing its financials for government, evaluating the activities, reaching out to corporate sponsors etc. The foundation has also asked interested concert night promoters to submit their letter requesting a night inCarnivalVillagefor Carnival 2012 before August 15. Thus far, the SCDF was happy to note that it has heard from all long standing concert promoters.

The last aspect of Carnival 2011 the SCDF is about to execute is the awarding of its material prizes to some of its show winners. The SCDF will be doing this with some of the major sponsors of these prizes in the next few weeks when visits are planned to the businesses with the winners to show appreciation for their partnerships for Carnival 2011. The SCDF will also announce the opening of registration for all events and other aspects of Carnival 2012 soon.


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