St. Maarten Alzheimer Foundation offering free memory tests

POSTED: 03/25/11 12:06 PM

St. Maarten – The St. Maarten Alzheimer Foundation will be providing free memory tests at Saturday’s 3rd annual Lions Club Health and Wellness Fair in the Festival Village. Board members and volunteers of the Alzheimer foundation will also be there to provide information and answer any questions people have about Alzheimer or dementia.

The memory test takes five minutes and checks the status of people’s memory. The results can then be used by the family physician as the basis of a more elaborate screening that potentially leads to a referral to a specialist for further diagnosis.

“It is important to detect any memory problem in an early stage, so that it can be addressed in time, the earlier the better. It can save you and your family members a lot of problems and frustrations. So come out for your free memory test on March the 26th at the Festival Village and to be informed not only about Alzheimer or dementia, but also about other kinds of diseases and health related issues,” the Foundation states in its news bulletin.


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