St. Maarten a no-show – St. Kitts wins first Ms. Chocolate Valentine

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St. Maarten – St. Kitts and Nevis representative Jascur Hobson outshone her other two competitors to become the first Ms. Chocolate Valentine title holder. The poorly attended pageant initially touted six confirmed contestants but on Saturday night only three turned up; Dominica, St. Kitts and Saba. St. Maarten’s Jamie-Lee Cranstoun failed to show up and did not communicate with the organizers leaving many to speculate about her last minute ruse. On Friday, Cranstoun fitted for her gowns but her absence sent shockwaves throughout the Survivors Production Foundation camp on Saturday night. Calls to the young woman’s cellular phone went unanswered all day and the organizers waited two hours after the initial start time of 8:00 pm to open the show in a futile bid to see if the Nagico employee would turn up.
In the lead-up to the pageant, the young woman also failed to show up for all of her public appearances citing a hectic work schedule as the reason for her consistent absence. When Today Newspaper spoke with Cranstoun on Friday, she said what would have appeared to be, at that time, one of the oddest statements from a pageant delegate. “I have not taken this as serious as the other pageants before. I am really just doing this for the fun of it, nothing really serious.” (See related story in Saturday’s edition)

Apart from Cranstoun, Antigua’s Melanie Smith apparently reneged on her commitment and failed to board her flight destined for St. Maarten. She was expected to arrive on Saturday morning but even after Survivors paid for her ticket, there was no record of her ever checking in. Over on the French side, St. Martin did not confirm its delegate’s participation even though she was widely promoted by the organizers.
Foundation president, Jasmine Philips tearfully said that she did not want controversy to overshadow Hobson’s win nor tarnish St. Maarten’s cultural heritage. Throughout the night she maintained a cool demeanor and supported the remaining contestants, perhaps a testament to her professionalism. Additionally, technical difficulties at the start of the show and an unusual ‘vanishing act’ by Addy ‘Shadowman’ Richardson, the show’s opening entertainment, did not dissuade Philips from treating the twenty member audience in fine style with champagne and chocolate. In a tribute to deceased Whitney Houston, local drag queen ‘Lady Shanele’ performed “I didn’t know my own strength” and Jennifer Hudson’s “You’re Gonna Love Me” to the enjoyment of the audience.

In the opening sequence of the event, all three delegates, dressed in red and white, paraded to local hit ‘Follow the White Line’ with the flags of their individual countries. They then appeared in a national costume segment, where the opportunity was given for them to speak on what love means to them. From the onset, Hobson separated herself from the pack with her poise, attire, speech and catwalk techniques. Out of all of the contestants she appeared most prepared for this segment, with many remarking that she looked “regal.”
The clothing and textiles school teacher wore a body hugging red dress made of feathers and truffles at the bottom as her evening gown. The gown which was called “Red Fantasy” carried a trail as well as a provocative hole at the back. For talent, the queen performed a dramatic piece dressed as a school girl who was constantly bombarded by love letters from a shy high school sweetheart. Hobson used song and her acting skills to depict the confusion that young girls face when they are unsure of what love really is. They may often be swept away by empty words, Hobson implied as she read her love letter out loud, “Johnny say: Jascur I love you like how pig loves mud.” She was awarded best talent, most photogenic, best glow wear and best evening wear by the judging panel; Suzette Moses-Burton, Janice Brooks and Nzinga Lake.
First runner-up Dominica’s Nissa Williams was also adjudged Ms. Amity. Williams performed a very creative dramatic piece as a heart and the different heartaches one can go through in life. For her evening gown she chose a bronze and light brown garment with flowers and sequins called “Your Valentine Chocolate.”

A towering Sislene Matthew wore a ruby red evening gown adorned with rhinestones. The Saban performed a dramatic piece as a lonely nurse who engages in a ‘one night stand’ with a womanizer. She is soon shocked to learn that on the same night that he said he loved her, he also visited several women’s home and was eventually murdered by a jealous lover.

During the final question and answer, all of the contestants were given the same question: “what would your final word be on love?” Hobson said “find out what love is, love is a feeling from within, develop it. Find out who your loved ones are and embrace them”, while Williams responded “love is essential, love yourself first and then everyone else.” Matthew as the oldest of the three urged the audience to “unite and love another regardless of race, color or creed. Love yourself in order to love others.”

For her win, Hobson was awarded $300.00, a gift basket from Penha Perfumes, jewelry from Shipwreck Shops and a cellular phone from UTS. The first runner up received $150.00 and a gift basket while the second runner up took home $75.00 and a gift basket. All three contestants were also promised a dinner celebration and trophies at a later date.

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