St. Kitts picks up the first victory over St. Maarten

POSTED: 11/7/12 12:36 PM

St. Maarten – The three changes to the St Maarten team had little or no effect on the outcome of the game against St Kitts. They went on to win their first game in the Nagico/LICA 50 over competition by 66 runs and 23 balls to spare.

After the humiliating loss to Antigua in their first game, the local selectors dropped Mohit Hongorani, the wicketkeeper who made his debut in that game, Anil Persaud and Lerry Baptiste. Replacing them was Stephen Evans (keeper), Damion Williams and Marlon Brutus.

Batting first, St Kitts were 249 for 8 with 23 fours and 4 sixes coming from the allotted overs. Brutus was able to get a breakthrough with the wicket of Laurent Taylor on 01, but after that dismissal the batsmen were able to regroup and with the score on 88 and 89 respectively, two wickets fell.

Steve Liburd was bowled by Daniel Doram on 34 and Akeem Sanders was caught behind by Evans from the bowling of Colin Hamer on 01. Shane Jeffers, was the next to go with the score on 108, caught by Akeem Charles from the bowling of Hamer on 57 and that was a well-deserved wicket for St Maarten.

Ironically, the St Maarten bowlers literally stepped up their tempo and removed the last four wickets for just 16 runs in their attempt to stem the run flow and minimize the total. Elsroy Powell was bowled by Romain Doodnauth, the Captain on 44, Jaques Taylor was bowled by David on 34, Terrance Ward was caught by Charles off the bowling from Doodnauth on 11 and Dillian Liddie was caught by Brutus, off the bowling from Hamer on 08. The two not out batsmen was Novak Mc Call on 25 and Calvin Williams on 19.

With one game already lost, St Maarten was expected to bat responsibly and bat out the overs. But that did not happen and after 46.1 overs, it was all over, they had yet another disappointing performance despite the roll of Moreland Le Blanc who scored 73.

It was a terrible blow for St Maarten when Evans who opened the bating with Sherwin Peters made a bad shot selection and was caught by Ward from the bowling of Sherno Berridge on 04, in the very first over.

Then complacency stepped in first with Peters, also making a bad shot selection was caught by Taylor off the bowling from Calvin Williams on 04, with the 5th ball of the second over and again in the 9th over, Shaquille Martina was given the LBW decision from a ball by Williams on 12.

The 50 for St Maarten was up in the 11th over and even with three wickets down, the runs still looked gettable at that stage of the game. Then Doodnauth made one mistake too many and was caught by Powell off the bowling from Mc Call on 02, with the score on 53.

The going for St Maarten was painfully slow and in over number 17, they were on 64 for 4. If they were able to get to 125 in the 25th over, they still stood a good chance of winning. But Charles who was at the crease for 39 minutes, attempted to execute his favorite reverse sweep and was caught at 1st slip by L Taylor off the bowling from J Taylor on 20 and the score pushed to 90, in the 25th over. The 100 for St Maarten was up in the 26th over after a huge six by Damion Williams who had just come into the crease.

A huge partnership was needed to reach the required total along with some productive overs, but that meant that they would have to score at least six runs per over. Williams who batted for 33 minutes was player to be bowled for St Maarten courtesy of Shane Jeffers on 23 and the score on 139.

With the mounting pressure on St Maarten, the batsmen began to make costly mistakes and that included not pushing the ball into the available gaps around the field. Le Blanc was the only one that held his ground and was batting responsibly.

Brutus, a hard hitter of the ball faltered in his attempt to propel the ailing scoreboard after he was bowled by Mc Call on 03 and the score on 150, in the 37th over. Then Le Blanc, who was at the crease for 138 minutes, facing 107 balls, was stumped by Liddie, the keeper on 73 and spell included 8 fours and a six.

The last wicket to fall was that of David who was caught by Williams off the bowling from Jeffers on 08 and the not out batsman was Doram who along with David were able to frustrate the bowlers for a few minutes.

Today is a rest day, when the competition resumes on Thursday, Antigua and St Kitts will face off right here. On November 9, the first semifinal game will take place, the second semifinal game will take place the following day and the finals are billed to take place on November 11.


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