St. Dominic sixth graders visit candle room

POSTED: 10/5/11 12:45 PM

St. Maarten – The Mental Health Foundation’s (MHF) Information and Prevention Department hosted the sixth graders of the St Dominic Elementary School in their candle room recently. The two sixth grades visited as part of their school’s art project.

The students were welcomed by staff in the conference room and then escorted to the candle room where they were given details about the mixing of materials, the candle’s cool down process and the many different shapes and colors used for fabrication. The students were also given a brief presentation themed “What is Mental Health”. The aim of the presentation was giving them information on the subject and challenges their thoughts on mental health in relation to what they knew about physical health.

Other activities during the 2- hour visit included candle quizzes and prizes in which the students actively participated. Each student and teacher was handed a candle as a reminder of their visit.
“The students were very active in the discussion and it was not surprising to hear that many of the students had some idea about what mental health was and what some signs of mental Illness look like. Many of them picked up these cues from what they saw in the community, heard from friends and even family members. The information we wanted to pass on to the students was that mental health is not about being sick but instead it is about being healthy and finding ways to maintain or improve that aspect of your health as young as they are,” a staff member said.
“The Mental Health Foundation thanks the parents, teachers and principal of the St Dominic Elementary students for the opportunity to share information about mental health and MHF’s candle room project,” a release from the foundation states.
Schools that are interested in visiting candle room or would like to purchase candles, can contact the Mental Health Foundation at 542-1677.

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