St. Dominic partners with Comenius College for two years

POSTED: 06/27/12 12:30 PM

St. Maarten – St. Dominic High School and Comenius College in Capelle aan den Ijssel in the Netherlands will jointly work on the Chance (Kans) program for the next two years. The program is subsidized by the European Community and aims to contribute to innovation and quality improvement of education by sharing experiences of students and teachers in the different parts of the Dutch Kingdom. A total amount of 25, 000 Euro will be made available to the two schools for the project.

The two-year program, named “Strengthen Languages”, has been divided into four phases and is set to start in September 2012 and finalize in June 2014. Students in parallel classes of forms two and three of both schools will partake in the program. The two schools will focus on amplifying the use of English, Dutch and Spanish in the classroom as well as preparing students better for tertiary studies in especially the Netherlands. The project team, which consists of the coordinators, Mavis Lestrade for the St. Dominic High School and Niek Boogaard for Comenius College, together with several language and ICT teachers, has agreed on three valuable learning aspects that will be covered throughout the program: bi- and multi- lingual education, the implementation of ICT as a learning tool and skills-based learning.
The ICT teachers and the language teachers will launch a safe social networking website where students of each school will communicate with each other in the target languages. Apart from this, students will also work in groups on various planned activities, answer questionnaires about life on St. Maarten/in The Netherlands and write compositions underlining the three themes of the program. Students will be guided and graded for each part of the project, given small tests on level determination of the target language(s) and knowledge of the other country/countries.

Coordinators, teachers and students will meet twice on St. Maarten and twice in The Netherlands to evaluate each completed phase of this project based program. They will integrate subjects and draft new work forms, lessons and ICT tools to be used in the following period. During these meetings, students of both countries will not only host the delegation of students and their teachers, most probably in their homes to share their personal lives, but will also give a presentation on the work that they have done and be introduced to the country/island of their peers.
“Most important, besides skills based learning, is that students learn about each other’s culture and appreciate and respect differences, hence building on connections in a highly globalized world,” a release states.
“The teams of the St. Dominic High School and the Comenius College are fervently looking forward to the start of the project and parents as well as press will be updated as the events unfold. A huge thank you goes out to the European Platform in the Netherlands for their vision and generous contribution to the ‘KANS-project’. Connecting children in this global world and preparing our students in understanding their own culture and the wider world was the drive for St. Dominic High School and Comenius College to apply for this ambitious project,” the release continues.

This is the second time St. Dominic will participate in the Chance program.
In the upcoming two school years, they will collaborate with the, Holland to organize a new ‘KANS-program (translated in English “CHANCE)’. From 2006 until 2009 the St. Dominic High School worked together with “Scholengemeenschap the Hoeksche Waard in Oud-Beyerland in the Netherlands on another KANS Project, named “University in Diversity”. Students and teachers of both schools were able to learn about and visit each other through the virtual world and in “real”.

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