Sports: Steelers records highest win margin to date

POSTED: 02/20/12 12:50 PM

St. Maarten – In the 2012 Softball season which is in its third week, the ladies in the Steelers team have displayed that they can be as determined as their male counterparts when they defeated the Survivors by 34 to 0, when the competition resumed last Friday.

This fast pitch competition has no rooms for prisoners and all team will try to maximize their efforts every time they have to play. On Thursday night, Los Deltas also won by a huge margin when they defeated the Outlaws by 18 to 3 and the Jets, kept their heads up when they defeated the Angels by 10-6.

After the personal best record by the Steelers on Friday, the Invaders defeated the Caribbean Boys by 27 to 17. It was if the high scoring bar was set for the weekend and when the competition resumed last Saturday, the Freebirds defeated the Zodiacs by 23 to 7. Dem Boyz enjoyed a 17 to 5 win over the Middle Region Stars, the Astros put a stop to the winning streak of the WIB Lions with a 17 to 9 win. The Controllers defeated the Burger King Rebels by 13 to 11 and to end off the night, the Grads defeated the Babylons by 20 to 7.

In game one played yesterday, the Outlaws rebounded from an earlier loss over the weekend and defeated the Caribbean Boys by 10-4. In game two, Los Deltas, who had a huge margin win already for the weekend defeated the Pirates by 13 to 5. The Falcons defeated the Diamonds by 2 to 3 and at press time, the results of three additional games were not readily available.

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